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“The staff at the Meridian Chiropractic clinic are absolutely fabulous. I’ve always been treated with kindness every time I’ve stopped in for an appointment. For me at least, after the first initial screening – every appointment thereafter has been quick and easy. I stop in, get my back and neck worked on by Dr. Yoder – and I’m out the door in ten minutes. It’s such an easy process and I always look forward to it. Dr. Yoder is also extremely sincere about making sure he’s giving you the best care possible. If things don’t start ‘getting better’, he doesn’t pressure you to keep coming back. I can tell it’s not about the money – it’s about making sure his patients receive the best care possible. I highly recommend the Meridian Chiropractic Clinic to anyone! So glad a good friend told me about them!”

“I came here for recurrent jaw pain. Dr. Yoder and the office staff were very friendly and professional. Dr. Yoder is not just interested in fixing the symptom, but resolving the reason why the symptom showed up in the first place. My neck and jaw are feeling better and more stable than they have in a long time. They have flexible scheduling and got me in right away when I called for my first appointment. Highly recommend!”

“I have been going to Dr. Yoder’s office for over 2 years now for a chronic back & neck issue, and I have to brag about their quality of service! Dr. Yoder is easy to talk to, and he takes the time to make sure you get the best service his office can offer, whether it’s adjustments and/or massage therapy. Kathi is the sweet, highly efficient office manager. I have pain every time I visit Dr. Yoder’s office, and by the time I’ve checked in with Dr. Yoder, I feel GREAT! No Kidding!! I truly look forward to my visits to Dr. Yoder’s office!”

“Dr. Yoder and Ms. Kathi, his secretary, are both personable and extremely skilled at making every visit feel warm and comfortable. Their office is wonderfully cozy and charming and Dr. Yoder is always professional. With his help and advice my shoulder is well on its way to recovery after years of misuse.”

“Dr. Yoder and his staff are amazing. My favorite part of the experience is getting a massage BEFORE my adjustment. The body and mind are both relaxed and much more open to the chiropractic adjustment. Good stuff!”

“I have scoliosis and had basically accepted back pain as part of my life, but regular visits to Meridian Chiropractic have made me realize I don’t have to settle for a life of pain. Appointments are easy to schedule, and the downtown location is so convenient. Kathy is a wizard when it comes to handling insurance, and everyone goes above and beyond to make sure I have a good experience and leave feeling better than when I arrived. Dr. Yoder and his staff have been wonderful and I recommend them to everyone I know.”


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