How Nutrients Help


Here are a list of common nutrients found in your everyday food and how they can help your body and overall health.

Vitamin A –Healthy eyesight, skin, growth, and helps our bodies in resisting infection

Vitamin C –Helps heal cuts and wounds and keeps our teeth and gums healthy

Vitamin B – Improves the function of red and white blood cells

Vitamin B6 – Regulates metabolism, breaks down protein, carbohydrates, and fats

Vitamin B12 – Builds red blood cells and breaks down carbohydrates and fats

Vitamin E –Protects against illnesses like heart disease and some cancers

Calcium – Essential for bone health

Fat – Insulates organs against shock and stores energy for the body

Folate – Helps the body produce and maintain cells

Fiber –Decreases risk for coronary artery disease, maintains intestine health

Iron – Aids in the formation of red blood cells and helps transport oxygen to the body

Minerals – Essential to normal metabolism, growth and development, and regulation of the functioning of your body’s cells and tissues

Magnesium – Helps control normal functions of glucose and muscle actions

Niacin – Breaks down sugars and fatty acids

Phosphorus – Strengthens bones and generates energy in cells

Protein – Builds and repairs body tissues

Potassium – Helps maintain a normal blood pressure

Riboflavin – Releases energy from foods.

Sodium – Helps maintain the right balance of fluids, helps transmit nerve impulses, and helps the contraction and relaxation of muscles


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