Back Pain


What is this back pain I’m feeling? 

Your spine is made up of 24 moveable bones called vertebra. These vertebra protect your spinal cord. The tissues surrounding the vertebra are interwoven with nerve tissue. If these vertebra are not moving right they can cause painful symptoms imposed on delicate nerve tissue. Pain is your body’s alarm system. You feel pain because something is not right. While you can take aspirin for immediate relief, the pain may return and taking more aspirin won’t cure the problem.

What can chiropractic care do? 

A chiropractic doctor is well schooled at detecting these misalignments and fixations and moving the offending vertebra into it’s correct position. Your body then does the healing itself. There are many issues that can cause your back pain, including vertebra misalignments, thinning discs, spinal bone degeneration, tight muscles, and even your boss. A chiropractor can help find what is the source of your pain and rehabilitate the issue.


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