Posture – Get It Straight

Stand up straight! Don’t slouch! You probably heard that a thousand times from your parents when you were growing up. And it was great advice.

Our own self-image and the way others view us is directly related to our posture. People who stand up straight and carry themselves in a confident, self-assured way seem to draw more attention to themselves and give off positive energy whenever they enter a room. On the opposite side, poor posture is directly related to poor self-image. People with slumped posture tend to appear helpless, weak and tired. They seem to “carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.”

This Indianapolis chiropractor will tell you that there are many causes of poor posture with many negative side effects. Some of the possible consequences are muscular pain, headaches, neck and back pain, fatigue, reduced lung capacity and reduced level of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Here are three tips to help you develop strong, confident and healthy posture:

1. Evaluate your posture. Evaluate your body in a full length mirror from the side standing as you normally stand. With correct posture, your ears are balanced directly above the arches of your feet and your head is only slightly forward of the neck, shoulder blades and low back. If you dropped a plumb line from overhead, it should pass through the ear, shoulder, hip knee and ankle. Now assess your posture from the front view. Your ears, shoulders and hips should be level. Your head should not tilt to one side or the other.

2. Strengthen Your Back Muscles. Strengthening the muscles of the back increases the stability of the spine. The most under-exercised muscles in the body are in the back. By building up other muscles of the body and ignoring others can pull the body out of balance causing you to slump over. Exercising all sides of the body equally can prevent an imbalance and promote better posture. Imbalance can also be caused by the type of work you do especially if you sit at a computer or desk all day, participation in only one sport such as golf or tennis or favoring one side if carrying a briefcase, purse or child. Be sure to switch sides or positions whenever possible.

3. Think It Through. Often it is most helpful to just think about your posture. Think tall, lengthen your neck, letting your head move upward. Breathe deeply from your stomach. Concentrate on straightening your spine. Carry your body in a manner that promotes self-confidence and strength.

Take some time to pay attention to your posture. Taking care of your spine is an integral part of achieving optimal health. Call us at Meridian Chiropractic Clinic today. It is how you carry yourself that counts.

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