Chiropractic Myths

Over the years, many myths or misconceptions pertaining to chiropractic treatment have developed. Here at Meridian Chiropractic Clinic, we get asked frequently about the truth or basis behind the following statement….

1. Spinal Adjustments are Dangerous – Your Indianapolis chiropractor will inform you that chiropractic adjustments are extremely safe but only when performed by a licensed chiropractor. One study on the treatment of back or neck pain suggests that chiropractic adjustments are only unsafe if performed by non-chiropractic professionals. Chiropractic adjustments should always be considered before surgery or prescription drug use in the treatment of pain.

2. Spinal Adjustments Hurt – almost the exact opposite is true. Many patients feel instant relief following a chiropractic adjustment. We often hear patients questioning why they waited so long to come in and/or when can they come back?

3. Chiropractors Lack Education in Comparison to Medical Doctors – with the exception of surgeons, the training and education to become a chiropractor is extremely thorough and demanding. Prior to entering a chiropractic school, the prospective student my complete 3-4 years of undergraduate studies in the pre-med field followed by 4-5 years of chiropractic school in which the majority of his studies will be diagnosis, bio-chemistry, anatomy, nuerology, biomechanics, radiology and physiology. In addition, chiropractors must complete several hours of “real” patient treatment. After graduation, chiropractors are required to pass multiple National board tests and then State board tests. Just like your medical doctor and dentist, a chiropractor must complete annual continuing education classes to maintain their license to practice.

4. Once You Go To a Chiropractor, You Have to Continue the Rest of Your Life – you get to decide how long you want to use chiropractic to better your life. We have patients that only see us when they are in crisis and we have patients that choose to maintain what benefit they’ve gained from their crisis treatment. This Indianapolis chiropractor recommends periodic check ups, just like a dentist, to prevent future problems.

5. Chiropractors Only Treat Back Pain – Chiropractors by definition are not back doctors or spine doctors as many believe. Chiropractors provide treatment for all types of soft tissue disorders. Studies have also shown that chiropractic treatments aid in the healing of other joints such as ankles, shoulders, knees and wrists.

6. Chiropractic Care is Expensive – Do your research. Chiropractic care has consistently shown to cost less that standard medical care for the same ailments.

7. Chiropractic is Not Scientific – Chiropractors have always sought to provide the safest and most effective means of healing available for their patients. They are continually conducting studies to find the most effective means to improve their diagnostic skills and treatment methods. In fact, in both the U.S. and outside the U.S., there are a greater number of chiropractic trials than the medical profession for treatment of the same ailments.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the chiropractic profession and, hopefully, we have addressed a few of them. The choice is yours and the proof of how well chiropractic works for you will be in the results you see. Before taking that medication every day or agree to surgery, call us at Meridian Chiropractic Clinic.

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