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Lighting Up the Circle for 50 Years

It is that time of year again in Indianapolis. It is time to celebrate the official beginning of the holiday season by the lighting of the Christmas tree located on Monument Circle downtown and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the celebration.
Nov 27th, 2012

Posture – Get It Straight

Stand up straight! Don’t slouch! You probably heard that a thousand times from your parents when you were growing up. And it was great advice.
Oct 25th, 2012

Let’s Talk About Chocolate

Over the last months, we have addressed many subjects concerning health and fitness and the treatment of back or neck pain. But, we have never really touched on the subject of chocolate.
Aug 23rd, 2012

Snap, Crackle and Pop

Twenty years ago, going to your Indianapolis chiropractor was a little like having a bowl of Rice Krispies. The most you could expect was a little “snap, crackle or pop.”
Jul 17th, 2012

Patch or Fix

Congratulations! You have been seeing your Indianapolis chiropractor for weeks now and you are feeling much better. Your back pain and discomfort are gone and you feel like you are able to go about your day enjoying your normal activities.
May 30th, 2012

Take the Plunge

It is May in Indianapolis and it is already hot. Our thermometer here at Meridian Chiropractic is registering in the upper 80’s and we all know it will only get hotter.
May 16th, 2012

It Isn’t Just for Adults Anymore

When you first walk into the Meridian Chiropractic Clinic, you can see a poster of a little boy about 18 months old with the caption “What about me?”
Apr 19th, 2012

Dr. Phil’s Chiropractor

Hello all. Just wanted to let everyone know that Dr. Phil’s chiropractor will be a guest on the Dr. Phil Show Wednesday, March 14. Check your local listings for time and station.
Mar 13th, 2012

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again where we all look back on the past year and think “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”
Jan 13th, 2012

Little Known Facts About Massage….

Healing hands are the best. In a recent article of Consumer Reports, 34,000 readers took part in a survey to determine what worked best in the treatment of back pain and headaches.
Dec 12th, 2011

By the Numbers

According to the American Chiropractic Association: 80% of all Americans report having some back pain at some time in their lives $50 billion is spent on back care and back treatments each year 2nd among all visits to the doctor are back pain complaints
Oct 21st, 2011

Chiropractic Myths

Over the years, many myths or misconceptions pertaining to chiropractic treatment have developed. Here at Meridian Chiropractic Clinic, we get asked frequently about the truth or basis behind the following statement….
Oct 6th, 2011

What Are the Benefits of Maintenance Chiropractic Care?

Imagine when you were born you were a given a shiny, new car. You were told this car had to last your entire lifetime, it was the only car you would have, and that many of the critical components were irreplaceable.
Feb 18th, 2011

Why Does My Chiropractor Adjust Me?

Chiropractors use manual or mechanical treatment techniques referred to as a chiropractic adjustment to change the health of their patients. Patients seek out chiropractors for many different health concerns.
Feb 3rd, 2011

How to Strengthen Your Core for Golf Swing

Driving a ball into the stratosphere requires power behind your swing. And doing so without over-stressing your spine, among other vulnerable joints, requires strong muscles and a flexible body.
Sep 14th, 2010

What Causes Neck Pain

Most people do not realize how much they move their neck during the day until they are unable to do so.
Jul 22nd, 2010

Gentle Application of Chiropractic Health

Chiropractors and their patients know that manual adjustments are safe and effective, regardless of what technique is used, as long as the practitioner has the knowledge and skill to apply the method properly.
Jun 21st, 2010