Do you know what a Gallardo is?  It is a quarter million dollar Lamborghini sports car.  Would you drive it in snow and ice?  Would you always check the oil and tires?  Would you make sure that it had up-to-date maintenance checks?  How expensive would it be to drive this car?

Do you know what a tall, decaf, double shot expresso with double foam is?  It is a common order at Starbucks.  Would you pay $10.00 or even $5.00 for a cup of coffee?  How many of these would you buy in a week?  If you bought 2 cups of coffee every week for a year, you would have spent over $10,000!!

Would you give up a year of your life for the perfect body?  In a recent British survey, 31% of women that were asked this question said yes.  13% even said they would give up their health for a perfect body!!  Isn’t that a scary statistic?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?  Your Indianapolis chiropractor would tell you that it is all a question of priorities!

True story:  Many years ago, a patient walked into Meridian Chiropractic Clinic.  She was complaining of back pain and headaches.  She had been having difficulty for many weeks.  And it was getting more and more difficult for her to manage her daily activities.  Dr. Jeff Yoder DC  did an initial exam, took x-rays and determined that she was a chiropractic candidate and that he could greatly reduce her pain and discomfort.  He advised a schedule of treatment that would undo her situation in roughly two months.  The patient had major medical insurance with a $25 co-pay.  She agreed to the plan and began coming into Meridian Chiropractic Clinic for treatment and immediately began to see great results!

Sound like a nice story on the benefits of chiropractic care, doesn’t it?   However, after the second week of treatment, the same patient stopped coming.  Her explanation?  She was feeling better but really could not afford the insurance co-pay and her Starbucks coffee each week and she was NOT giving up the coffee!

Her story is not so unusual.

It is very common for many people to neglect their health in order to afford things that they feel are more important to them.  But how important is the fancy sports car that costs a fortune just to keep it on the road?  Or that second cup of “designer” coffee?  Now, we are not saying you need to give up everything (or even an occasional visit to Starbucks) and rush to your next chiropractic appointment.  But, if you are suffering from back or neck pain, call us first.

It is all a question of priorities.