This is what you should be drinking on these blistering hot days

The thermometer reads 90 degrees.  The weatherman says its 115 with the heat index.  And, because of the high temperatures, this Indianapolis chiropractor will recommend you drink plenty of fluids.

So, what is your drink of choice?  Is it soda, pop, cola or soft drink?  Whatever you call it, it is one of the worst beverages that you could be drinking for your health!   Why?

Soft drinks contain little or no nutritional value….no vitamins or essential nutrients.  What they do contain is the problem.  Sodas are loaded with caffeine, carbonation, simple sugars or sugar substitutes and food additives such as artificial coloring, flavors and preservatives.  Drinking high quantties of “pop” can lead to many health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Most colas contain high amounts of sugars.  When you drink a cola that is packed with sugar, the pancreas must act to produce and release insulin, the hormone that empties this sugar into your bloodstream.  This in turn raises your blood insulin beyond the norm causing the weakening of the immune system or the body’s ability to fight off disease.

Excess sugar also can be stored as fat in your body which results in unhealthy weight gain leading to heart disease and cancer.

So, you may be thinking the wise choice would be switch to diet or sugar-free soda.  Don’t be fooled.  Diet sodas are filled with artificial sweeteners which have been linked to certain cancers.

Soft drinks also are filled with carbonation or “bubbles”.  These bubbles can deplete your calcium levels which are essential for bone health.  With the decrease in calcium over time, bone mass and density can suffer leading to osteoporosis.  Soft drinks are also high in caffeine which can also deplete calcium and stimulate the nervous system leading to a racing heart rate and insomnia.

So, what is the best alternative to soda?  The most obvious choice is water. Each and every cell in the human body requires H2O to perform at it’s very best.  If you find water a little too boring or flavorless, try adding a slice of lemon or cucumber.  Unsweetened green tea is also an excellent choice.  Tea has many health benefits such as being an excellent antioxident.  You can grow your own peppermint or spearmint tea in your home garden.  Harvest the young, new leaves for your home brewed tea.  If tea is not sweet enough for you, try adding a little cinnamon or a drop of honey rather than sugar or sugar substitutes.

As the temperature continues to rise during these summer months, it is important to drink lots of fluids but try and avoid soft drinks.  The average person should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration and stress on the body.