My baby’s chiropractic story

My name is April and my mom works for Dr. Jeff Yoder at the Meridian Chiropractic Clinic.  I live in Charleston, SC.  I phoned Dr.Yoder a couple of weeks ago and asked his advice on the treatment for my twin 9 month old sons.  You might ask:  How could they possibly suffer from headaches or low back pain? 

Maybe I should start at the beginning…..

My sons were born in June 2010 but their full term date was September 2010.  At birth,  Alex weighed only 1.8 lbs. and Jack weighed 2.2 lbs.  They spent the first 4 months of their lives in a micro-premie unit of the NICU in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  Daily I faced the real possibility that one or both of my sons could die.  We faced repeated hart, lung and brain issues but the doctors and nurses performed miracle after miracle that kept my sons alive and growing.

The boys have been home since October and while they are physically behind, they are growing and happy little babies.

The twins have a highly specialized high calorie/high protein diet.  I have to make sure they eat 25 ounces of this diet every day.  A few weeks ago, Jack started eating less and less, sometimes only 10 oz.  Then his bowel movements stopped.  He became easily irritated especially at meals.  Because of their history, I am very sensitive to their eating habits, heart rate, breathing and such.  I knew something was seriously wrong with Jack.

I took Jack to my pediatrician and we tried medication after medication.  Nothing worked.  While Alex was steadily gaining weight, Jack was beginning to lose weight.  Imagine my fears!

A friend suggested  a chiropractor.  At first I scoffed, my baby didn’t have back pain or neck pain, but I was ready to try anything.  I was able to get an immediate appointment with a pediatric chiropractor who examined my baby and determined the top vertebra in his spine was not where it should be.  She gently adjusted Alex’s C1 and lower lumbar curve.  This was a Friday.  On Monday Jack ate almost 15 oz.  and had his first bowel movement in 9 days.  He began to sleep better and his physical development improved.  I returned for another chiropractic appointment on Tuesday and that day, Jack ate his full 25 oz.  He also woke me up that night because he had totally filled his diaper!  And that was okay!

Why am I writing on this Indianapolis Chiropractor’s blog?  When he offers to you the global physical benefits of removing nerve interference from your spine.  Have an open mind.  Believe him.  My baby is living proof.  Chiropractic can do more than remove just your low back pain and neck pain. 

I can never fully express my gratitude to the doctors and nurses at the Cincinnati hospitals.  Now I will add my baby’s chiropractor to that list.