Could you benefit from chiropractic and pilates?

Could you benefit from Chiropractic Treatment and Pilates?


Chiropractic Treatment is designed to restore normal alignment, minimizing pain and discomfort.

Pilates is also a system designed to bring the posture back to neutral alignment by strengthening the muscles of the core as they relate to the rest of the body.

Integrating Chiropractic Treatment and Pilates to ensure long term results just makes sense!

How does Pilates work?

A lot of people mistakenly think Pilates is a stretching, mind-body activity that feels good but doesn’t actually provide significant results.The reality is, Pilates creates substantial strength and increased range of motion, resulting in creating lean body weight through a well balanced, full body workout. Pilates is a non-impact exercise system created more than 80 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates. Based on a combination of stretching and resistance training, it is designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, focusing on developing a strong torso and spine, or “core”. The core muscles are the body’s center of power and strength.

Pilates on Penn, (located at One North Pennsylvania) is pleased to offer the patients of Meridian Chiropractic Clinic a complimentary 30 minute introductory session. Contact us to set up your complimentary session @, or, 317-201-8345. Discover how Pilates can compliment and sustain the positive results you see from your Chiropractic Treatment.