Chiropractic and massage therapy

Chiropractic and massage therapy are two holistic therapies that share a common goal.  They treat the whole person rather than the symptoms through natural, hands-on, drug-free techniques. When used in combination with each other, these therapies are preventative and restorative, helping to address the source of stress and pain so that you may achieve optimal health. Those that add massage therapy to their chiropractic care program for example, will generally enjoy a faster recovery.  Since multiple components of the pain are being addressed, the recovery is usually more complete. Chiropractic adjustments will often proceed more easily when the soft tissue has already been relaxed by massage. And the massage is also helpful because it helps to relax the patient before chiropractic care, making them less anxious and more relaxed and ready to receive a chiropractic adjustment. The effects of the adjustments frequently last longer, too, because muscle tension has been released and joints are less likely to pull themselves out of alignment again.

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