Breakthrough Technology

Imagine if you could go to a chiropractor and be adjusted without any sudden movements while you sat upright?Indianapolis chiropractic l Indianapolis back pain l Indianapolis spine doctor l Indianapolis pain relief

At Meridian Chiropractic Clinic, it is possible due to the UltraAlign.

What is the UltraAlign?

Using technology created by NASA, the UltraAlign uses echos to locate the areas in your spine that need to be adjusted.  A small instrument scans each vertebrae and projects the results onto a computer screen to allow the patient to see exactly what is going on.  Then the machine makes the needed adjustment without any twists or manipulations from the doctor.  All the patient feels is something similar to a small tap on the shoulder.

How does it work?

When your chiropractor examines your spine, they are looking for improper motion or rigidity.  The doctor will use his or her personal judgement to determine which vertebrae needed adjusting and are too rigid.  The UltraAlign can use echo sensors to register the precise position and immediately respond before you can even react.  The sensor uses a light force to check the motion and send it to a computer to be visible to the patient.  Then just as quickly, it can send a pulse to adjust the spine all before the muscle can react.

Therefore, the chiropractor can get a precise and accurate portrayal of your spine and offer a comfortable and consistent adjustment.

The UltraAlign and Meridan Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Yoder has been a certified chiropractor to use the UltraAlign. All patients can use this painless technology at no additional cost.  Talk to Dr. Yoder during your next visit about the UltraAlign and how it can help you!