Many patients at the Meridian Chiropractic Clinic initially suffer from migraine headaches and have found relief from the frequency of their headaches and the intensity of the pain by seeing their Indianapolis chiropractor on a wellness basis.

But what exactly are migraines and how does chiropractic help?  Researchers are not sure of the cause of migraines.  The most popular belief is that blood vessels to the brain narrow as a result of some trigger causing reduced blood flow to the brain.  As the blood vessels re-enlarge, the blood flow increases causing the severe pain and headache.

What are some triggers that cause migraine headaches?

-alcohol, particularly red wine

-certain foods such as chocolate, peanut butter and cheeses

-skipping a meal


-hormone changes

-odors such as strong perfumes or smoke

-bright lights

-loud noises

-sleeping too little or too much


-some medications


Many migraines sufferers have reported that there are warning signs before the severe pain sets in.  Some of these include visual disturbances called an aura.  Patients experience zigzag lines in their vision or even a temporary blind spot that can last up to 30 minutes.  You can have an almost uncontrollable craving for sweets, extreme thirst, sudden fatigue or severe depression for no apparent reason.  These symptoms are followed by the throbbing pain usually on one side of the head that spreads to both sides or localizes on the forehead.  Other side effects of a migraine can include nausea and vomiting, dizziness, and extreme sensitivity to noise and light.  After the migraine passes, many sufferers are left feeling sleepy, mentally dull with a loss of appetite and even neck pain.

Who is at risk for migraine headaches?  It is reported that 12% of all Americans suffer from some degree of migraines.  Women are 3 times more at risk than men to suffer from migraines.  Heredity seems to be a factor as does age.  People under the age of 40 seem to suffer more and migraines decreased in frequency and severity as a person gets older.

There is no cure for migraine headaches but chiropractic can be a great help.  Many migraine originate in the spine.  A misalignment can irritate the nerves that travel up the spine to the brain.  A chiropractor can gently move the neck thereby realigning the vertebrae and relieving the pressure.  A recent study of 100 people that used chiropractic for relief of their migraines reported that 22% had a 90% reduction in the severity of the pain and 49% reported a decrease in the frequency of their headaches.

The treatment for migraines a thousand years ago was to drill a hole in the person’s head to “release the demon inside”.  If you suffer from migraines and feel like you would like to drill a hole in your head, call us first at Meridian Chiropractic and see what a difference your Indianapolis chiropractor can do for you.

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