You have been going to see your chiropractor now for several weeks and you feel pretty good.  Your pain is gone.  You are able to go about your daily activities without pain and stiffness or discomfort.  Your Indianapolis chiropractor recommends a maintenance treatment plan of visits every so often but it is difficult to fit it into your busy schedule especially in the absence of any severe pain.

There are 6 good reasons to continue your chiropractic care:

  1. Continue progress – Research has shown that ligaments and muscles that support your spine can take longer to heal than is indicated by how you actually feel.  Your body can continue to heal these soft tissues even after your symptoms are gone.  Continuing with chiropractic care encourages more complete healing and helps assure a more lasting recovery.
  2. Prevent a relapse – Your body actually adapts to soft tissue damage caused by improper spinal function.  If you don’t change the lifestyle that developed your spinal problem, muscles and other tissues can return to their unhealthy patterns.  Continued chiropractic care can retrain and strengthen your back to avoid a relapse.
  3. Avoid future problems – Long periods of sitting at your job, financial worries, the environment and even everyday activities are a few examples that can cause stress to the spine.  Even the smallest trauma can cause interference to the nervous system.  Prevent small problems from becoming big problems and adopt a wellness program to stay healthy.
  4. Save money – Besides keeping you at your best, continuing chiropractic care can save money.  You brush your teeth and floss daily to avoid expensive dental work.  Why not come in for a chiropractic check-up to avoid the expense of a preventable problem?
  5. Feel good – Continuing chiropractic care can help you enjoy life to the fullest.  Most patients who have adopted a chiropractic lifestyle say they have more energy and feel better.
  6. Continue to learn – Spinal maintenance is a new concept for most people.  Ask questions of your Indianapolis chiropractor and stay involved.  Make sure you understand the role of your spine and nervous system in the maintenance of your health…your most valuable possession.  Look to your chiropractor as a source of information to keep you and your family healthy.

At Meridian chiropractic clinic, we believe the choice is yours.  Will you use chiropractic as merely a fix to relieve symptoms.  Or will you adopt a plan to maximize your health and avoid future problems.

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