Do you suffer from frequent back pain?  Your Indianapolis chiropractor may tell you that it isn’t because you slept “funny” or you lifted that snow shovel the wrong way.  Continual back pain is not generally caused by one specific event but by a series of events combined.

However, back pain complaints are 2nd only to the common cold when visiting a physician.  It is the 5th highest cause for hospitalization and the 3rd highest complaint that results in surgery.  And 56% of people suffering from back pain say that it interrupts their daily lives.

So, what are the most common causes of back pain?  There are 9 main causes and your Indianapolis chiropractor has a solution for all of them!

   1.  Sitting at a desk – did you know that sitting for long periods of time applies 40% more pressure on your spine than standing?

  •   Solution – sit at a 85 degree angle leaning forward slightly making   sure computer screen is at eye level and get up and walk around for a minute every hour.

2.  Long commute – do you have a long commute or travel a lot for your job and do you find yourself slumping over the steering wheel especially if you are exhausted?

  • Solution – be sure you are sitting a 90 degree angle and try not to stretch either arms or legs to reach the accelerator, brake or steering wheel.

3.  No exercise – 40% of all back pain is actually made worse by not exercising as back muscles become stiff and sore.

  • Solution – take walks and stretch.  A little exercise can go a long way towards alleviating back pain.

4.  Eating habits – clogged arteries lead to back pain, affect circulation and add weight gain which can be stressful on an already sore back.

  • Solution – eat whole grains, soy, nuts, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables.

5.  Carry a purse – a stuffed purse can be equal to any sports injury as your shoulders become unbalanced.

  • Solution – carry the lightest purse possible using one that has no extra buckles, hardware or decoration.  The American Chiropractic Association recommends that a filled purse weigh only 10% of your body weight.  And remember to switch shoulders often.  (This applies to suitcases, backpacks and diaper bags.)

6.  Old mattress – if your mattress is 8 or 9 years old or you can’t even remember how old it is then chances are, it is too old and the cause of your back pain.

  • Solution – to see if you mattress is the cause of your problem, sleep on a different mattress in your house for a couple of nights.  If you pain is the same, then your pain probably isn’t due to a mattress.

7.  Wear high heels or flip flops regularly – wearing high heels regularly causes a woman to arch her back and flip flops mean moving your feet from side to side with little or no support.  Both forms of footwear cause a shift in body weight and back pain.

  • Solution – do not wear either for long distances and invest in cushy inserts.

8.  Ignore the Pain – trying to ignore the pain only has the potential to make it worse.  A body will inadvertently try to overcompensate using other body parts without you realizing it causing an increase in tension.

  • Solution – relax that painful body part.

9.  Under the gun – if work or family pressures are building, your body will tend to clench up and can become permanent over time if muscles continue to stay tight.

  • Solution – calm down, find something that makes you laugh.

A previous blog addressed the issue of neck pain.  Finding the cause and treatment of back pain is much the same.  Call us at Meridian Chiropractic Clinic.  Dr. Jeff Yoder will do a thorough examination and run a few tests to find the cause of your back pain.  Then, together you will determine if chiropractic is the right fit for you in the treatment of your back pain.