Breaking free from headaches

Sometimes a headache signals a serious underlying condition.  Seek emergency evaluation if any of the features below are present:

  1. Sudden inexplicable onset of severe headache
  2. Confusion, seizure, double vision, weakness, numbness or difficulty speaking
  3. Onset of headache after a head injury, fall or bump

Any headache is not normal.  Multiple headaches per week or month can be a sign of a serious problem.  Most headaches are caused by muscle tension.  This muscle tension affects the arteries, veins and nerves that surround the head.  Many people try pills and pain killers to end the misery.  If your headache returns after those pills wear off then you need to identify the real source of the problem.  If the cause of the headache is not identified and treated, the headaches will continue.

Chiropractic and adjunct massage therapy could break the cycle of headaches.   Chiropractic will relieve joint restriction in your spine.  Massage therapy by a licensed massage therapist will relieve soft tissue adhesions.  Both will decrease muscle tension. 

Headaches are a sign that there is a problem.  Don’t delay seeking professional help

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